U-boats, what were they used for?What are they?

Here is some diffrent model U-boats.

The U-boat helped World War One by sinking ships.

First, the U-boats played a role in World War One by destructing the enemy shipping boats.Then,the U-boat is a old fashioned sub-marine.They also attacked landing spies.They came from Germany,and Germany released them in 1917.Last, the U-boat sank 5,000 ships.

How were planes used in World War One?

This is some planes from World War One in combat

Air craft in ww1 was intense but did a lot.

First, at the beginning of the war airplanes were not suffistacated.Then, However due to the wars needs and requirements by the end of the war the air planes were suffistacated.airplanes were used to drop bombs.they were also used to spy.Last, a lot of airplanes were used and destroyed.

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