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April Edition

Photo Credit by: Alexis Andreozzi

Jacket Pride

Cheer Tryout Results

On Saturday, March 7th, Mineola Middle School cheerleading try-outs were held. On Thursday, March 5th, all of the girls that were trying out for cheerleading met up at the high school gym to learn all of the material. They learned a cheer, chant and dance.

The 2015 - 2016 Mineola Middle School cheerleaders are: Co-captains: Melea Bedford and Meghan Brewington, Tiara Stephens, Alyssa Cannon, Kelsey Brewington, Tristan Kirk, Sabria Dean, Tahjae Black, Alyssa Lankford, Alana Galaz, Valerie Garcia, Abby Kratezmyer, Jaiden Chrietzberg, Karsyn Banks, and Harlie Davlin.

All of the 8th graders that made JV Cheer are: Arlinda Meta, Ally Perkins, Alaina Lopez, Katie-Jo Callison, and Jaycee Whitehead

The 8th graders that made Varsity are: Mary Katherine Howell, Emily Jones, and Kimberly Payan.

Article by: Arlinda Meta


8th Grade Video

The 2014 - 2015 school year is soon ending and the yearbook staff is in charge of this year's 8th grade video. In order to do that, every 8th grader needs to turn in a baby picture (before kindergarten), a picture during elementary school (3-5th grade), and any picture during the 8th grade. These pictures are due May 1st and if you have any other pictures of groups with other students please feel free to turn them in also. Please put your name on the back so at the end we know who to return them to.

Article by: Arlinda Meta

UIL Contest

This April for the Mineola Middle school is our UIL contest for 7th and 8th grade. It’s on Tuesday, the 14th in Gladewater TX. So wish our middle schoolers good luck!

Article by: Devin Cormier

Sports Beat: Girls

Track Results: Girls Relay Team

Our eighth grade girls relay team did really good at their first track meet! Congratulations to Emily Jones, Kiara Williams, Lena Hughes, and Sheila Smith. They got first on the four by two. And on the four by four they got first. If you see any of them in the hallway congratulate them on doing so great and representing our school at the Edgewood track meet. Go Jackets!

Article by: Rachel Drennon

Track Interview: Jessiah

Jessiah Riley is a participant on the 7th grade girls track team. She competes in all of the relays. She says that winning keeps her going and not giving up, and trying her best is her main goal. “The most important thing” she states, “is to remember that giving up makes you look lazy.”

Article by: Cyndi Butler

Sports Beat: Boys

Track Interview: Lowell

Interview by: Shaw Franklin

Track Interview: Jonathan Ramirez

Jonathan ran: 4x100 Relay and 4x200 Relay and 100 meter dash. I asked him if he placed and he said: “We got second in both relays. Also got 4th in the 100.” I asked him what kind of things he does in practice which he replied: “I practice with the blocks because I’m first leg. Also I work with the baton in hand.” His time in the 100? 13 seconds.

The next meet is in Grand Saline.

Article by: Preston Mosher

Club Beat

Gaga Pit

Four Student Council members,Whitney Woodruff, Sarah Arcand, Haley Williams, and Toni Brannan presented a Powerpoint presentation about the benefits of playing Gaga ball to the Mineola Kiwanis Club. The Kiwanis Club members volunteered to donate the full cost of the materials and to construct the pit for us. Student Council is working with Coach Tittle to find a suitable place for the pit, so that it can be utilized during lunch recess and PE classes. They don’t know when they will begin constructing, but it will be soon.

Article by: Karina Bautista

Journalism Interview: Andrea Valdez

Andrea joined journalism because it’s her passion. She loves the fact that she can share it with her best friend. Being a part of this club has impacted her life, and she now has a greater appreciation for journalism. She doesn't have a preference between reading and writing although, finding the write words can be difficult. She loves to express herself and competes in different competitions. When it comes to choosing a specific topic she goes with her gut and picks the first thing that pops into her head. But regardless, she never forgets the perfect lighting.

Article by: Madison Reardon

Academic Beat


Guess what? More STAAR tests are coming our way. April 20th through the 24th is full of them. Here’s a list of who’s taking the test on those days.

April 20- Math 8th Grade

April 21- Math 6th & 7th Grade

April 22- Reading 6th & 7th Grade

April 23- Science 8th Grade

April 24- History 8th Grade
You’ve got a lot of studying to do, if you want to pass. If I were you, I would go home and study until dawn. You want to pass, don’t you? Don’t disagree with me, just do it!

Article by: Faith Rodriguez

8th Grade Holocaust trip

The 8th graders had to reschedule their Holocaust museum field trip. Due to bad weather the school had been terminated for the day; so the field trip was no longer that day. The field trip has now been rescheduled to April 9th, which is a Thursday. If you are an eighth grader going to attend the field trip, be sure to remember your sack lunch and a drink! Our school hopes you have a blast while understanding what went on during those dark years of World War 2.

Article by: Jade Stockten

Current Features

April Holidays

During the month of April, a lot of little holidays take place. Most of them you have probably never even heard of. But even though you haven't heard of them, they are still super important to some people. The amount of holidays is crazy, there is a total of 48! That’s nothing compared to May, it has 55, but for now all I care about is April. May is next month, so, all I'm trying to say, is that there is whole lot of holidays and they are all important to some people in someway.

Article by: Crimsin Underwood

Teacher Interview: Mrs. Miller

Mrs. Miller has been granted the award of teacher of the year. This is her first time ever winning this award. She has been teaching for 29 years, the last nine has been here at Mineola, the last 17 before that have been at Hooks, TX. She is honored to be selected teacher of the year. It really means a lot to her because she was selected by her peers. She doesn't consider herself as the best, she puts the other teachers first. Mrs. Miller is a proud and happy teacher and is proud to work here at Mineola Middle School.

Article by: Kaitlyn Burrell

Student of the month

Kiara Williams

Kiara Williams

Kiara Williams is the girl Student of the Month for April. She the daughter of Ethan and Teninia Williams. She has two brothers Preston and JaQuan Williams. She is involved in MMS basketball, track, and volleyball. Her favorite color is blue and favorite subject is reading. Outside of school she enjoys hanging out with her friends. Her favorite sports team is OKC and star player is Kevin Durant.

Article by: Tiara Stephens

Caden Roberts

Caden Roberts

Caden Roberts is the April boy Student of the Month son of Tod and Tori Roberts; he is also the brother to Kaylee Roberts. He is in the 8th grade and was born January 4th, 2000, and is 14 years old. He also is apart of the MMS football team. Also he is apart of F.C.A and is one of the leaders. His favorite color is red and his favorite school subject is science. Outside of school he enjoys playing his guitar and X-box. He plans on going to either Baylor or Texas A&M to become a neurosurgeon.

Article by: Tiara Stephens

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