What are some of the ways the Jew's escaped the camps?

These were called cattle cars used to transport Jew's to concentration camps across Germany. Soaking the ropes in urine would allow the men to pry the bars of there cells open. When darkness fell, they leaped from the moving train. The technique was they needed to wait for the train to slow around a bend and avoid searchlights operated by the Nazi guards. Approximately 750 Jew's escaped from the trains and began a new life.

Michael Kutz was a 10 year old boy who lived in Nieswiez, Belarus in June 1941. He escaped the Holocaust when the Nazi's made every Jew gather in the town square. Michael went up to the grave and panicked, and the SS officer smashed his head with his rifle. Kutz had to push through the dead bodies and find a gap to breathe, this is when he noticed no one was around except the pit of bodies. Michael ran through the forest and hid from the Nazi's till the war was over.

This is a picture of me playing hockey for the Hamilton Huskies. I am making a connection between the Jew's who escaped and wanted to get out of the camps and myself playing for Hamilton.Throughout the Holocaust every Jew wanted to escape and get out, although they did not have a plan fast enough to do so. I am making a connection to hockey because for so many years I stayed in the Hamilton organization and did not get a chance to play a higher level because of coaches and the organization itself. I waited to long to make a move to get out and expose myself to other teams and coaches, so the consequence of this was that I wasn't able to get drafted. This is a connection to the Holocaust because so many Jew's wanted to escape although they did not think outside the box to get out. Therefore, this costed millions of Jew's lives because they did not want to get away and look for a better life.

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