Chemical Bonds!

Ionic Bonds

Ionic Bonds are is a type of chemical bond which consist of a cation + anions, furthermore is has:

-The combination of Metal + Nonmetal in that order.

-There is no sharing, it is the act of giving of an atom giving electrons to another.

-High Melting Point

-Does NOT conduct electricity as a solid

-Does conduct electricity as a liquid

Covalent Bonds

Covalent Bonds usually are the friendly ones, unifying their electrons to make an independent Molecule.

-The pairings are usually Nonmetals and/or Metals

-They distribute equally, sharing of course.

-Low Melting Point

-Doesn't conduct Electricity in any state of matter

Metallic Bonds

Metallic Bonds is what their name suggest, the relationships of Metals!

-Bonds are always Metal, being the best genre they are.

-Common Sense, they don't dissolve in water

-High Melting Point

-Always conducts Electricity being a meta!

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