Zane Womack

session 1

In this session I built a soap box car out of a paper cut out and 4 plastic wheels and 2 metal rods.  I folded the cut out taped it to gather and put the wheels on the car.

session 2

in this session I coped 4 different views or a triangular prism on the soft where that I used on the session.  

session 3

in this session 3 I looked at a rectangular prism and copied 4 of them and mesherds thim. to find the multi view.

session 4

in this session I learned about alphabet lines like border lines phantom lines and object lines.

session 5

in this session I started the building of a house with bed rooms, living rooms and, a garage.

session 6

in this session I began to add bathrooms, closets, doors, lights and, fans.      

session 7

in this session I added the final touches to my house I added light switches, power sores, switches for the fans and out lets, plumming and, electricity.


this module was like the actual thing because it gave you a taste of the home design and how to do the soft where in the module.  

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