Clarisse McClellan

A young outgoing girl, who has her own unique way of thinking.

Indirectly: Unique

Clarisse is indirectly described as unique. In the book Clarisse asks Montag questions about the things he does fore his job. She asks him questions like aren't fireman supposed to stop and put out fires, instead of starting them. She is the one to question about how things work and why things happen. Clarisse always likes to understand and know what is taking place and going on in the world around her. And this is why Clarisse is indirectly described as unique. Because no one in the world ever questions anything and they are considered all the same. This is why Clarisse is unique because she is opposite from everyone else in the world around her.

Directly: Abnormal

Clarisse is directly characterized as abnormal. Clarisse is characterized as abnormal because she is scared of children her own age and considers them murders. Clarisse says that because six of her friends have been shot and killed(on page 30) . She is also considered abnormal because she looks at the world through different pairs of eyes. Clarisse likes to watch people, some days Clarisse just gets on the subway and spends all day looking and listening to the many people that step foot onto the subway. Clarisse tries to figure out the things that people want and where they will be going once they step foot off the subway. People from the world around her have called her abnormal because no one else has ever just sat and watched people. That is why Clarisse is called and considered abnormal.

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