Chapter 1

This is just the starting point for me to write something that suddenly appear in my mind.

At meet this girl near the cafe that my friend, Hafiz and I would hang out drinking or just eating breakfast. Her smile and her face are quite cute from what I view at that moment. My heart start beating rapidly and I started to wonder is this is love or just another of the devil trick of lust.

It suddenly hit mind brain that I have to get to know her. So, I started to ask Hafiz, his opinion on how to get her notice me. He gave me this ridiculous of finding her interest in her facebook page. At some point, it just pointless as we don't really know whether she have a facebook page but eventually she have.

I spend several hours for just stalking her facebook page as she not keep it to private for viewing her profile. So, Hafiz gave this brilliant idea that I tried to capture any criteria of her perfect man of dream. be continued....

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