Off the Fat of the Land

By: Dylan Reckart

"Aha! I got it again. I'm to nice at this game," George said mollified. George finally got some time to himself. out of nowhere the boss comes in tot the bunkhouse. " What the hell are you doing in here, its grub time and you rather play solitaire," the boss said with a firm voice. George is thinking that the boss is trying to pick scraps with him, instead of getting in trouble, he decides to play it smart and not pick a fight and explain how he is always busting a gut and how he wants some time to himself and peace out his brain.

"What do you mean, peace out your brain, "the boss asked." I need to peace out the stress levels that are in my brain," George exclaimed. The boss said since he likes to take some time of, he wants George wants him to work a 30 extra minutes. " Screw that" said George in a pissed of manner. George knows that it might get a little scrappy in a second. The boss replied dejectedly," fine then, you're fired." George was enraged. he picked up as many cards as he could and threw it at the boss. then he flips the table and swings at the boss. George bunches him right in the nose. with that one punch, the boss was leaking from his nose. he tried to come back at George with a couple punches of his own. George dodged both of them and went under the punches and picked up the boss and slammed him on the ground. when the boss hit the ground, he moaned in a plaintively manner. George kept throwing the punches at the boss. after about a minute of fighting, Lennie came into the bunkhouse and broke up the fight.

"We got to get out of here George," Lennie said. George replied" keep your big flapper shut and lets get out of here." George checked the bosses pockets and takes 25 dollars in cash. he knows this is not going to last long so he searches the whole bunkhouse and finds 20 more dollars. while searching the bosses cloths one more time to make sure he didn't leave anything out, he finds Lennie's and his work tickets. he puts it in his suitcase and tells Lennie to leave out the back door. And the ranch never heard from them again.  

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