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USa eliminates Mexico from world cup qualifying

On Tuesday September 10 USA eliminated Mexico for qualifying into the world cup of 2014 with an early goal from Eddie Johnson with an outstanding header over the Mexican defense and then another late goal from the U.S soccer star , Landon Donavan. A very devistating loss for the Mexico soccer team .

Local News

Napa Woman arrested for Domestic violence

On September 16 a 43 year old woman was arrested for grabbing a man by the neck and dragged him to the ground. The police was called at 12:39 am to the 2500 block of Elm Street  . They contacted the suspect , Gretchen Marie Hallmark , and had her arrested .

Nation & World News

Tropical Storms Hit Southern Mexico

In the past week Mexico has been experiencing some problems because of 2 tropical storms that hit in Guerrero, Mexico. At least 80 have been confirmed dead because of flooding and landslides. Rescuers are still searching for 58 people who were buried.


September 25 49*/71*F

September 26 50*/76*F

September 27 49*/79*F

September 28 51*/80*F

September 29 53/77*F

Silverado News

These past weeks at Silverado we have having a cookie dough and magazine sale , September 26th is the due date for the the packet. September 27th will be the first dance of this school year. On Friday September 27th will also be picture day at Silverado.


I have an opinion on school rules . Sometimes when I'm waiting for my parents with my friends down at the quad the school staff make me leave if I'm not taking the bus. I don't understand why they make me leave up to the parking lots in front of the office. What is bad about wanting to wait for my parents down at the quad? I hope that is policy will change in the near future. I am willing l to talk to ONE of the staff about it .

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