Yellow Fever:


The Yellow Fever originated in Africa. It was brought to the New World on slave ships in the 1500s. Yellow fever ravaged Europeans in the New World.


The Yellow Fever spread in the cargo ships. People traveling from Africa to America transmitted it. Yellow Fever was spreaded over America from cargo ships. During the slave trade in the 1500's the slaves gave Americans Yellow Fever.


Africa is home to many diseases. Africa is not a very fortunate country so they don't have the supplies needed. Since they do not have access to doctors/medicine Yellow Fever is more able to spread.


South Africa is a democracy. Democracy is when the power is in the peoples hands. The government would have to spend a lot of money to find a quick cure and to keep the disease from spreading.


The diseases would hurt the economy because they had to spend too much money finding a cure. A lot of money was wasted trying to find a cure.


Culture is a certain ethnic group that people belong to because of what they are or what they believe.To avoid the disease they have to be very cautious. Several religions don't believe in medicine so they don't get treatment.