Eeffect OF Technology


What is the global impact that technology is making on the country

um it has advanced society a lot because we wouldnt even be able to connect .

What are some changes occurring in businesses that are a result of changing technology?

Thermography;HeatGear- For when it’s hot; keeps you cool, dry and light. Ideal use: Extemely warm weather.

What are advantages to the newer technology?

you can do more you can no a lot about a place evan if you never been there

When you evaluate the risks and advantages, do they outweigh each other?

for me yes because technology has gotten me through some hard times.

Why is the global impact on technology changing the world?

u can talk to people across the world without meeting them and without technology we probably be cave men still.

What are some of the changes that have happened in the past few years with regards to technology?

we used to not have Facebook or instagram teacher use to use white bored but now they use Promethean boreds  

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