Photo Portfolio

by Brooke Allison

Black and White Building

This picture was taken while I was visiting the Baylor Campus during my Senior year of High School. I took this picture to try to exemplify Ansel Adams photography.

Art Room

This picture was taken at the Baylor University art room. I took this picture because I liked the light and dark contrasts of the room. When artists are working in this room, they look at the prop that is underneath the light and draw what they see. The circular formation of the art stands gives everyone a different perspective of the object.

Paint Palette

This picture was taken at Baylor University in the art room. When i went and visited the beautiful campus, no one was in the art room but this palette was left from someone that was painting their portrait. I took the close up picture to show the mixtures of the paint that the artists use.


This picture was taken at the Arboretum in Waco, Texas. It was my senior year at Midway High School and my third year on yearbook staff. We went to the Arboretum for a portrait project. While I was taking portraits, I found this beautiful sunflower. It was a very difficult picture to get without holding the flower because i had to get at the right angle and take the picture at just the right time due to the wind blowing.

Pink Rose

I took this photo at the Arboretum while working on a portrait project for my Yearbook class during my senior year of high school. I have never been the type to take close up pictures. This was my first one that looked good. I loved the dew on the leaves and flower in the early morning. I also loved the pink and green contrast.

Touching Water Fountain Portrait

I took this picture while working on my portraits project during my freshman year of photojournalism. This is a picture of Destiny Huggins sitting in her front yard beside a flower garden.

Looking Over The Edge Portrait
Sitting on Grass Portrait

I took this photo while visiting the Cameron Park Zoo. I was working on a photojournalism project and I thought this picture would be a perfect fit if I could find the right angle. I didnt think this picture would turn out how I wanted it to turn out. I pulled it up on the computer, used a few edits and it turned out perfect in its own way.

This picture was taken while I was at the Cameron Park Zoo. I tried to take a picture of this fish almost fifty times. I love this picture because it exemplifies a close up of a fast swimming fish with a beautiful habitat.

Little Boy Portrait
Zoo Turtle
Cheetah Drinking Water
Yellow Fishy

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