Reason behind people saying drugs are bad

and why you should think so, too!

Drugs are bad, but it is much more than that. They can make you see things that are not even there! This may seem cool but it isn't. Some can ruin your clothes with ashes 'n stuff. You wouldn't wanna show up in a fashion show like that, would ya?

There is many more side-affects of drugs, too that you won't want to have! You could have a lower reaction time. You may wonder, why would I not want that? Well it makes you worse at sports, and can cause you to get hit with a ball and get hurt.

Even cigarettes are drugs! You may already know about them, they can make you out of breath very fast. That can also affect your sports and instrument performance. They  can also, like said before, leave ashes on your clothes. They can also give you lung cancer, but don't worry, that is why you are reading this, so you can make sure you never get it!

Last but not least, alcohol. Alcohol slows down your reaction time, kills brain cells (A.K.A makes you dumb) and much more things. There is a reason why they say "Alcohol and driving does not mix!" The reason is it also obscures your vision (obscures means get in the way, don't you just love my smart words?)

That is the end of the drug lesson. Now you know (or should, at least) that drugs, are bad. Don't do them, cause if you do, what you just read could happen to you. Thank you for reading!

Project by Billie Lindsay

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