Moriah Morris

Photography Portfolio


I personally like this picture. The smile the girl has on her face feels genuine and natural, not forced. The background - with its array of greens and browns - bring the whole picture together.


Faded Beauty

I personally really like this simple shot. The camera I had blurred the rose and then focused instead on the leaves. I think it gives the photo a very unique feeling to it. I took it into Photoshop to boost the greens in the picture to contrast with the purples and pinks.


Pretty Paint

I really appreciate this shot. When she was simply walking by I turned my camera towards her and she shot me this pose and I snapped it. I then blurred the busy background to bring more attention to her.



I really like the depth and the leading line element in this photo. I took it into photoshop to boost the colors to give it a more abstract feeling to it.


Not So Itsy-Bitsy Spider

This spider, along with another one almost just like him, decided to make a giant web to fit his giant body between a trashcan and a stationary RV.


Gentle Greens

I took this in the morning just when spring was starting to come around. You can see the green buds starting to bloom on the leaves. I love the way the outside works with the translucent curtains.


Wind Chimes

I took this photo from my back door window because I'm in love with my yard lately. I think the off-centered wind chimes are really neat, and the bird feeder to the right make it even more interesting to look like. I love the way the smooth, organic curves of the tree and branches contrast with the geometric lines of the fence.



Just another aesthetic picture of these infamous shoes. I like the dirt on the shoes because I think it adds character. I also like the way the greens are vivid, while the green color on the shoes is much more pale.


Sparks Are Flying

This picture has to be one of my all time favorites. I love the stark contrast between light and dark in this photo, and I think the dark negative space really compliments the light made by the welding. I also like the way he's partially illuminated by the sparks.

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