Odes are formal poems. They are poems that praise or glorify an event, person, or object. Odes also have a musical quality to them, but the structure of odes varies greatly. Odes may have regular rhythms or rhymes, but they do not need them. Odes can have as many lines and as many words in the line as the author wants, but odes are usually very long poems.

Ode to Music

by Madison Krusmark

Music is what keeps my soul alive,
Music gives me a chance to escape to everyday life,
A chance to be part of something amazing,
It gives us something to believe in.

Music comes from anything,
Anything amazing that makes sound,
It can come from the pitter patter of a hummingbird's wings,
Or the sound of the ruffling leaves in the wind.

You hear music everywhere at any time.
It can make you joyful,
Or can let the salty tears fall gently from your eyes.
It can allow a talent to show,
Or can let emotions flow.

Music can make all the better.
It can brighten your day.
But it also can allow your soul to break free.

It helps give a positive to life.
It is an inspiration to some.
Music is all important.
It allows people to break out of their shell and be who they want to be.

Music is life,
An escape,
A wonderful part of ones soul,
An inspiration,
A call,
A call that allows you to break free.

So just listen.
Listen to the music around you.
The music that surrounds you and makes your life complete.
Listen for your chance to shine.