Welcome letter to assist with your transition from Oelwein, Iowa USA. You will have to wear suits and dress nicely in public. You have to eat by hand you're elders eat first you will eat around a mat on the floor. You will have some of the holidays you have in America. Like Christmas May Day and other ones like Easter you will have Thanksgiving. You will listen to Jazz music. And other types of music that we have around Africa and Ghana. English is the official language thats what we speak in America. The historical explorers were in 1471 thats when they name I Ghana. They also discovered more food and other religions thats why there are many types of religions in Ghana. They are a democratic. You're handshakes are important and you have to practice religion daily it may be a few minutes or sometimes if it is a special day or holiday it can last hours. You will build a cement block home with a steel roof.Each person will have one room or sometimes the kids share. School is free you start at the age 5 or 6 school ends at 15 or 16 if you may fail then they might hold you back and you will have to be with kids the younger than you.

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