caroline beaty

photography portfolio

what'chya got there?

I took this picture  through the fence of my sweet dog alli, and she was just dying to get to me.

i know you're there...

This is a close up of my other dog Aj. I actually took this photo on accident and ended up loving the contrasting colors and textures.


I've always loved close ups and this one especially because it captures the texture in Alli's tongue and beard so perfectly.

those winter days

I was out taking pictures for a photojournalism project called elements. It was a bright sunny day until this huge cloud passed over the sun. I quickly shot this picture to provide contrast in my portfolio and show that the world can bright as well as ominous.


This photo was taken in my front yard...its actually a birdbath. I really love what the natural sun did to the water and the way the leaves look.

in bloom

I was playing around with my macro settings and snapped this close-up of a flower. Its really interesting and the first successful close-up I've ever done.

all smiles

My lovely momma. Sweet and simple.

all smiles pt. 2

Gosh I love her.

say what?

I made a weird joke right before I captured this to loosen Hailey up a bit, and it seemed to work. She looks genuinely happy and I enjoy it.

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