Ari Levy

I value food

I value food because it is very important to me to keep a very healthy, nutritious diet and to eat well so that I can continue to compete in athletics and do everything that I want to do.  last week I had to fast for a day because of a jewish holiday and it was terrible I didn't have any energy to do anything and I just wanted to eat.

I value family

I value family and having good supportive parents and siblings. I have an older brother and a little sister. my dog is part of my family, her name Is emmey

I value sports

I value sports because I love being athletic and being active and playing sports is always a lot of fun for me. my favorite sports are soccer and baseball.

I value friendship

I value friendship because I like hanging out with friends and knowing that there is always somebody to me to talk to.

I value music.

music is an amazing thing it helps keep me entertained and calms me down when I get upset.

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