Windows 8: Picture Start

Here are a few pictures of common Windows 8 things. The description is BELOW the picture.

This is the "Windows Screen" or the "start" screen.

This is the windows screen with the "charms" visible. To do this, swipe from the right edge (off the screen) into the screen. Or, push Windows key + C

This is your windows screen zoomed out. It allows you to see what you all have. To do this, pinch your fingers together on the screen or hit CTRL + (-).

This is the search screen. To access this from the windows screen, open up the charms on the right side and select the magnifying glass. Or push windows key + Q. This is where you can pin what you want on the windows screen.

This is the settings tab from the charms. (windows key + I). From here, you have options such as connecting to WiFi, volume, power, pc settings, etc.