Writing Journal 3/27/2014

Diary of atrouble kid

my father.

My father is the best.The things I like from him is everything. He always make me feel special.  He is  always there when I need him. My father is My best friend we play together and talk together.

Oh My father is unique .He Teach me all what I Know , he Teach me to be respecful a gentlemen a man. The best thing  I have learn from him is to follow JESUS .To respect womens to treat Them like a glass . My dad is a good example for those who aren't the best fathers.

  When I grow up I Will try to be a Better father than him. To show My son what respect is , and all the things he showed me. Finally when My father gets old I Will tale him to whatever place he wants, and try to thanks all the things he done for me.

                                                  THE END