Metis self drilling hollow bar ranks first

Metis hollow anchor bar system are fully threaded drill rods with drill bits which will advance the self-drilling anchor bolt into the required depth. The hollow anchor bar will be grouted in place, which will create the steel reinforcing of an anchor. Metis hollow anchor bar can be used as tie down anchors, deep foundation, rock anchors, soil nails and micropiles in lots of difficult applications. Metis hollow anchor bar is a valuable and multi-functional additions to engineers. With the use of Metis hollow anchor bar, production rate is much improved, compared with solid bar anchors. Hole casing system can be avoided, especially in low headroom.

Advantages of Metis hollow anchor bar:
The steel tendon is a fully threaded hollow bar ,so can also be cut at any length, and joined to desired length with our couplers easily and faster.
1. The Metis hollow anchor bar is fully threaded and can be cut and coupled at any point .This makes transportation and installation of self-drilling hollow bar anchor much easier. The productivity is 2 or 3 times greater than conventional systems. The productivity is much improved.
2.The coarse threads are almost Indestructible, and provide excellent bond between the drill hollow bars and the concrete.
3.Can be divided into R thread hollow bar anchor and T thread hollow bar anchor, which forms R thread anchor system, and T thread anchor system. also other kinds ,like self-drilling hollow anchor bar, stainless hollow bar, FRP(Fiber Reinforced Plastics )hollow bar are also available. Drilling and grouting can be done Simultaneously. No casing required.
4.Different drill bits are available to suit different ground conditions.
5.The Metis hollow anchor bar system can be epoxy painted or galvanizing or DCP ( Double Corrosion Protection factory pregrouted encapsulation of steel threaded bar within corrugated sheathing.)This is especially important for polluted soils applications, like sheet piling tie back wall, soil nails, spiles, deep foundations, self-drilling rock anchor, self-drilling soil anchor, self-drilling anchor bolts etc.
6.Drill hollow bar anchor can be used in many fields, like ground anchor, Slope stabilization, Micro injection pile, tunneling etc.