Zachary Baker

4th Year at Palcs

Me (With my Baby Sister)

Hello, My Name Is Zachary Baker, And im into my 4th year of PALCS this year, And i am very prepared and excited for My First Course of Middle School Math. The picture above is of my and my new born baby sister (One of the most recent photos of me, From a Year and a half ago.) I have never actually left the state of Pennsylvania, And i live in Pittsburgh,Which is odd for my family since everyone else has been to atleast 5 different states in the country. Palcs happens to be the only school that ive attended for more than two years, Kinda funny.

I take a passion in video games and reviewing said video games on my YouTube channel. I specialize in computer technology, and am learning programming from my dad, Who is a "Tech Wizard" as we call him. I have a mom who adores books, And a adoreable baby sister, A Older Annoying Brother, And a Older Sister. I hate having pictures be taken of me, Thats why i didnt have many pictures to chose from! When im older i hope to play soccer and or work for a major company like Google/Microsoft. And i hope to have a great school year this year, And the same for all!

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