Bubonic Plague

and its affect on peasants

The Black Death killed two out of every three people in Medieval Europe. The Black Death affected feudalism for peasants in multiple ways. First of all, with peasants being few in number, they were very expensive. “people were dropping like flies”. The peasants got increased wages. People started getting very high standards of living. They started getting into small groups to try to get high wages, which was illegal at the time. Also, the peasants started to revolt. The revolts were hardly ever organized. They had little or no planning and the authorities usually kept them under control eventually. "...[the rebels had) very little, if any, organization or planning. Eventually, the authorities would gather their forces and crush the rebellion, since the rebels were poorly armed and trained compared to the professional warriors facing them." The war, plague, and high taxes often caused revolts. The black death helped out the peasants that survived in many ways.

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