Hunters Against Peta

Collin Ballard, Zach Glay, Squlliam Bragg, and the kid who deleted DEGAN'S PHONE DATA ON PURPOSE!

H.A.P. is a nonprofit SPECIAL and MULTI-ISSUE INTEREST GROUP that sets out to protect and preserve the rights of hunters and animals. They fight the CLEAVAGE between those who believe the ethical treatment of animals and how they all should be preserved. They have PATRONS such as Ted Nugent, who donates money and helps out the organization. We do not have to buy our members, therefore H.A.P believes in unity and a family-like experience. Due to these ideals and family values H.A.P does not offer SELECTIVE benefits, or MATERIAL benefits, they believe they do not have to buy their members. H.A.P believes that the SOLDIERY and PURPOSIVE benefits are enough. H.A.P can use the PUBLIC GOODS for everyone rather than getting things from H.A.P themselves. H.A.P will use DIRECT MAIL, to contact specific people or other groups to help support H.A.P's cause.

H.A.P can be seen in certain political spectrums as well

1. They propose ideas to protect and preserve nature and conservation

2. They also can be seen supporting hunters and groups under fire from many animal rights groups such as PETA

3. H.A.P goes to the ends of their possibilities to contact legislatures and law makers to create preservation of land and to help stop vicious anti-hunting groups like peta from stopping the amazing experience of hunting

4. One of the goals of H.A.P is to prevent predators from killing large amounts of elk and deer. This is one of their successes because they hold large hunts for wolves and help reduce the population of the predators to safer and lower numbers. They also have helped in support to allow states to open up wolf seasons and have been successful in doing so.

5. They reach out to many, and attempt to reach all hunters and they do affect most. they also reach many law makers and everyone who watches Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV show. This allows for massive amounts of people aware of the group. Along with almost 12,000 active members across the US.

Why should you join H.A.P?

You have the opportunity to keep the long standing tradition of hunting around for generations. Your children, grandchildren, and all future generations can discover and keep the love of hunting just because you decided to join Hunters Against Peta.

Oh yeah, and by the way Mr. Apgar YOU can be a FREE RIDER because this is completely free to join which is good for you and also you can tell everyone that you are a member of a special interest group that THE TED NUGENT is in, and that is a true privilege.

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