Google Search Tips

By Robbie Allison

Use a location when searching for Services.

Use a location when searching for something in that area, and items within the location will show up with maps, websites, and reviews for those areas. This example search was for bakeries in Seattle.

Voice searches

The picture is hard to see, but it shows the voice search interface on Simply click the 'voice search' icon next to the search bar, and speak into your computer to make a voice search, instead of typing.

Use Common Words

Instead of using a term such as 'my head hurts,' search instead for 'headache,' which is more likely to appear on medical help sites. In general, search for more generic titles, not things relating to only you.

Don't Worry about Spelling

Don't worry about spelling. As you can see here, google interprets what you  are trying to say, and will show results with the correct spelling. But, you can also search instead for the 'incorrect' spelling.


If you need a definition for any word, simply search: define <word>. Google will offer a definition within the search page, but will additionally offer search results for that search.  

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