Introduction of Liquid Scanner

It is unable to take bottles with liquid to the airplane in the past because liquid explosives can be hidden in soda bottles by criminals who have terrorist plot to blow up airliners. Strict limits were placed on the amount of liquids air travelers could carry. Situation has changed a lot nowadays because a new type of machine is invented to detect liquid.

What is
x-ray cargo scanner? It is a scanner which detects hazardous substances in liquids or powder forms contained in glass, transparent or translucent plastics bottled containers. Liquid explosives are becoming significant hazard to aviation security. Explosives disguised by terrorists as alcoholic beverages, perfumes or other seemingly innocent containers. Aviation security authorities are driven to ban the transport hand luggage containing liquids, aerosols and gels. So it is necessary to use liquid scanner to detect those dangerous liquid.

What is liquid scanner? There are various types of baggage x ray scanner. One type of liquid scanners is handheld liquid scanner. The limited material of bottle includes plastic and glass. It can identify more than forty sorts of dangerous liquid such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide and so on. It has both audio and X-ray security detector. It can identify within one second. Handheld liquid scanner has several features. First of all, it has small size. It is very light. Secondly, it has high speed analysis and it can identify within one second. If there are suspect chemicals, the operator will refer the people and bottle for additional screen or carry on a more comprehensive test on the bottle. What's more, it is easy to operate. It can identify chemical composition of liquids which is sealed in bottles. It can be applied to airport, train station, subway, gymnasium, important government office, boarder and seaport and so on. There is no radiation and it is harmless to people and test sample. Liquid scanner can be widely used by people for its special features.

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