Interest in different things in DMS

What is the theme of our great school?

Interests in different things

              The theme really sticks out to me of interest in different things. So many things are around the school that show kids have many interest.  For example, there are a lot of art work in the schools and each one is unique because each person has their own interests. Artwork is everywhere and it is just expressing kids feelings. It also decorates our halls very brightly and it warms everybody up.

              I think it is a great thing that there are different activities that kids can pick to fit their own interests. For instance, industrial tech is for kids who like to create things. Art is a way for kids to express themselves through their art. There is also bravo which is a way for kids to learn drama and express themselves while doing it.

             In addition, music is a great way for kids to express themselves. In music kids can enjoy themselves and fun while doing what they enjoy. Many kids are into music. And music is  a great way for people to enjoy themselves and meet new people. Music is a great thing in our school to help make it a better place. That is why the theme is interests in different things.

These pieces of artwork are display out in our cafeteria and as you can tell each one is unique.

This is a bass played in orchestra most people enjoy expressing themselves in the interest of music.

Everyone has their own interests!

A beautiful Mystery

This poem to me is way of different interests and how everybody is different in their own way.

A small flower
Sitting with ease
Departs from the bunch
And floats in the breeze

All this way
It passes me by
Not once, But twice
Then it catches my eye

Pretty little flower
Still and well
Falls down again
Trapped in jail

An eye to see
A nose to smell
Ears to hear
And a mouth to tell

Small little flower
Sitting with ease
Departs from the bunch
And floats in the breeze

It continues it's journey
To the place unknown
And waits there quietly

Happy and alone


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