Recommendation on computer parts

For A good computer your going to need all the computer components to make sure the computer runs smoothly

Motherboard- MSI H81M-E33 Socket 1150 HDMI 8-channel audio Micro ATX Motherboard £31.98

Graphics card-Asus G210 Silent 1GB DDR3 VGA DVI HDMI PCI-E Low Profile Graphics Card £18.99

Hard drive-Samsung 500GB M3 Portable USB 3.0 Hard Drive Black £34.99

Processor-Intel Pentium Dual Core G3220 3.00GHz Socket 1150 3MB Cache Retail Boxed Processor £39.96

RAM-Crucial 2GB DDR2 800MHz Memory £26.44

Keyboard-Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600 - Black (Standard Packaging) £14.97

Monitor-Asus VS228DE 21.5 inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD LED Monitor (1920x1080, 5ms, VGA)£79.75

These are all the parts you are needing for your computer to run correctly and be able to store work which you can keep portable.

Recommended software

Norton is a great software to protect your computer from viruses and keeps your computer clean of any harmful files.Norton™ Security 1 year£49.99

Extra security for computer:Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Full Version (PC DVD), 1 User

media player:Adobe Reader 11/ Adobe flash player is a free download so you can view media on your computer

Microsoft Office Web Apps is different programs depending on work you need to do this is good for work related jobs for computers.


Recommended LAN and WAN


If you was working as a receptionist in a large building I would recommend using LAN local area network because the whole building would be able to connect to the same network and have access to the internet and the radius is only large enough to cover the building and no where else so no one will be able to hack onto your network and use your internet.


Wide area network wouldn't be ideal for a receptionist because the internet range is much larger and is more ideal for outdoors.

Star network

Ring network This is a net of computer systems in a ring every computer is connected to one another allowing file sharing to all computers however you can’t send one file to one machine, it will go to every machine on the network.Bus & star networks are used by many business as you can link up to every PC on the network and send files to any machine or all machines on the network.


Components for a network

Router - To act as a gateway to either connect a LAN to a WAN well as connecting a LAN to a LAN.

Hub - this connects all the PC together in the same area so they are all connected

Switch - Using a switch you can choose which single computer to send files too or to send files to all computers to a network.

WiFi - to allow connection of the internet on your computer

Network connection issues

1. A wireless network adapter switch that's not enabled

2. WEP, WPA, or WPA2 security key or pass-phrase issues

3. Cables that aren't connected properly

4. Corrupted or incompatible drivers

5. Missing updates

Solutions for connection issues

1. reset the router by switching it off waiting 30 seconds and turn it back on to keep the signal strong.

2. make sure that your connected the to the correct DNS server code set to your address otherwise you cannot connect to your internet

3. Make sure you are connected to the right IP address

4. Make sure that your PC is up to date on updates this could cut your internet off if it is not fully up to date

5. manually rein-. stall the wireless driver and re download it this could make the link stronger

How can a company prevent these connection issues?

1 Enable to wireless network adapter so computer to allow the computer to connect

2.BT Multiport Broadband Extender 500 Add-on Pass through Power line Adapter this can extend the radius of the connections

3. make sure that all the company is on the right server for the internet connection otherwise it will not connect all computers

4. Check all cable connectivity as well as any possible or obvious breakages in the cable.

5.ring up the company who provides your internet and tell them what has happened so they can fix it

how can a company use connection for resource

The company can use this to advantage because if they can link all the computer to one printer then they wouldn't have to spend a lot of money on a lot of printers because they will be all able to connect to just one this will be a lot better for the company.

They are a lot more other devices that can also be connected through network so everyone computer can connect like scanners. This will save the company a lot of money buying less technology because of the connection.

Why software licenses are needed?

software licenses are important because there are a lot of rules that needs to be followed otherwise it can lead to punishments because you are breaking the law. If u do not have a software licence you can be fined a large amount or receive other punishments.

software licence always need to be protected it hold a lot of information this is why it is used for business use commonly so they are able to keep track of all information and and progress of the business.

Open source

Open source is a free software. Its a non profiting organization that can be downloaded multiple times. This kind of software is frequently called “proprietary software” or “close source” Adobe photoshop are examples of open source the cake is a lie software. The user must agree to the terms to use

Single Licence

Single Licence is a free software. This will allow only one user to have access to the software this means it can only be installed on one computer then it is no longer use able. it can be used more than one but the PC must be the same user.

Multi-use licence

The best software licence for a business is the multi-user because the software can be used unlimited to all computer but the computers have to be connected to the same network otherwise it will not download. This makes it ideal because other computers will not have access to the software and only your company will.

Program access

This is a free access to there software that will only last a limited time for the one user. once the program is installed it will sometimes give you a code what will give you a certain amount a days to experience the program at its best before it goes back onto trail. sometimes these programs require a user to log on and without it you cant access the program.

Program upgrades

Once your program requires an upgrade it is always best to do these because it can increase the performance in the program. This will increase the speed on how the program runs to get work done quicker on it. sometimes the upgrade may cost some money this is why it is best to create a user so when you log on you will have the upgrade then your program will run a lot better. most of the program updates are free anyway so they will not cost to download this makes it ideal for many people to keep there computers running quickly.


Some programs the company can send you a message notification but you have the choice if you would like to receive these or not there is normally a box to tick if you would like to receive them. when ever an update is due or any other upgrades this will cause the notifications.

Software Install Guide


Benefits of installing software

There are many benefits to downloading software such as,

1. most software you install will always offer a trail before you buy it so you know that it is the right software for you.

2. some software installs are free so you will be able to get the download without spending money this will help save money.

3.benefits of installing programs allows you to complete tasks and try new things.


1Upgrade a PC so it has more memory so you can install more programs

2An implication of it would be you had to know how to open a cd rom door for the software CD to be inserted and there being no manual with your pc any more you couldn't take your software back blaming your ignorance: it is implied that you can insert a CD into your PC.

Changes to the system based on the receptionist feedback

The receptionist said that the computer boot time is long to fix this and make it quicker just fit a better hard drive

if the receptions is spending quite a lot of time on the computer the receptionist should get an overlay for the screen to stop eye pain

if you play games at home for 1-3 hours the performance and quality can be improved by getting a better graphics card

if you spend a lot of time typing then get a better keyboard that has comfort for wrist so they don't hurt and make sure keyboard is easy to use

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