3 types of art by JACKSON HUNEYCUTT

It is representational art because it looks like a dresser from the real world. It has the light shining on it. Looks to have clay and wood materials used for this.O

Three Ball 50/50 Tank

By Jeff Koons

MoMA 1985

It is representational Art because there seems to be water and the table and

By Odilon Redon

Roger and Angelica

1910 MoMA

Non objective, because has nothing to do with reality and also it has no details and it is not realistic.


Wall sprawl

By Andrea Zittel

2008 MoMA

Non objective, because it has nothing to do with reality and has nothing from the real world.

Evening, Honfleur

By Georges-Pierre Seurat

1886 MoMA

Abstract cause it has no details and no realistic colors either. Looks like something from reality.

Grandcamp, Evenind

By Georges-Pierre Seurat

MoMA 1885

Abstract because it has no realistic color and has no details. Also has something from reality.

Architekturmuseum from courage to print


By Martin Kippenberger


It is representational because it realistic color choices, has something that is in real life.

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