Diane Calka Is Known For Providing Reliable Pet Services

Based in Stamford, Connecticut, Diane Calka is a self-employed pet sitter. She has been running her petsitting business in the city for over eight years and is highly recognized for providing reliable pet services. She is the premier choice of numerous pet owners in Stamford, the key reasons for which are – her hands-on pet care knowledge and excellent people relations skills. As she has worked in various environments like private, doggie day camp, retail and hospital setting; she knows how to effectively handle pets with different behaviors and habits. She also knows how to treat them when they are happy, angry, irritated, or unwell.

Being a self-employed professional, Diane Calka has a number tasks to single-handedly take care of. In order to identify the developmental needs of her business, she reviews the financial statements for discrepancies, sale trends, and productivity along with the financial goal achievements. In addition to this, she analyzes reports to figure out areas that need cost reduction & sales marketing development. While taking care of the pets of her clients, she keeps in mind every aspect of pet care & safety. She makes pet sitting schedules according to the particular needs of her clients.

In her free time, Diane Calka likes to ride her scooter and bike, do lots of arts and crafts, play flute, and spend time with her dogs at the beach and dog parks. She is a fitness freak and works out everyday no matter what. Along with that, she goes for long walks. Diane is also involved in many charitable ventures. Being an animal lover, she has volunteered with many animal organizations in the past, including PAWS, SCATS, etc.