success means everything

If you never try to succeed you'll never reach your goals

For me success means to stay on top of you goals and improve positively on everything you do. always wanting to be better trying your hardest and giving your all to achieve anything you want.

My life's motto is if you try hard every thing is possible

"Success dose not come to you you go to it " by Marva Collins

To reach success you use put all you got into achieving your goals. If you don't try your best you are not going to get the things you want if you don't give it full effort . Being the best you can be will help a lot because it will be even easier to get close from the things we want. Every one wants to have nice thing and not to stress over thing such as paying bills and being on top of things. There for I conclude this with an every thing is possible you just have to put in a little bit of work to get what you want.

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