Love can change everything, to make it last..

   Not just an ordinary girl, she's a lesbian named Kayla. She is so very lovely. Though Kayla's heart is beating only for the same sex, she is always in desperate when it comes to her own relationship. She can't really find her true love, that last for a long time.

Until one day,on the party, one guy came. She never knew that this guy can change her whole being. But they've met in a bad way, or should I say it made her night a badvibes. He unexpected threw up a drink on Kayla's dress, she didn't feel comfortable, that's why she went go home.

  And in that way, this guy find time to apologize, then suddenly they've met in the campus. The girl didn't think that they will met again, because this guy is unfamiliar to her. Kayla, of course accept the sorry, its not a big deal yet. They became friends, close friends .And now seems getting into lovers!

  Kayla, realize that she is falling inlove with Jerome..so unexpected, and same feeling of Jerome. Everything has change, now Kayla is a straight women. And finally, they're get into couple.. A happy ENDING. :)

  (A.NOTE:) Well that's love! There is no hindrance when you found your true love, even your unique, you're willing to change everything to make things Last......

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