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Many Americans want more religion in their politics

By: Robby Covell

Link- Many Americans Want More Religion in Their Politics

                  Nearly half of Americans believe that houses of worship should have a political effect on society. Originally, however, fewer Americans suggested that religion should not be affiliated with social or political topics. This is surprising because statistics prove the contrary, more and more people think that religion is losing influence over time. In addition, over a quarter of Americans say that houses of worship should endorse candidates, which is not legalized.

Equality and Liberty are linked to this article

Liberty relates to this article because it gives all houses of worship the freedom to be involved with political decisions and recommend ideas. It also has a little to do with democracy because the decision should lie within the people's hands for situations like this with varying statistics and important topics. Equality is linked to this article because favoritism is displayed towards people who aren't involved with various churches and gives no opportunity for them to have a political opinion.

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