That's A Lot of Graphs Felton

We live in an age of technology. The whole world is connected to anyone with a smartphone. You can talk to someone from the other side of the world with less than a one second delay. If you really think about that, maybe you'll realize just how amazing information technology has come. I am sure everyone has heard of Edward Snowden by now. He broke the silence of government monitoring in not just the lives of a few special targets or anyone seen as a threat to America, but everyone in the U.S has a database and is now monitored. When we see the news on TV we think, so what? I am doing nothing wrong as a citizen, let them monitor me. Or, if you are upset about the intrusion of privacy into your everyday life, well, it does not seem like there's a lot any one person can do about it. The data collected on is mind boggling, in that it is so much more detailed than what I could have thought "monitoring" meant. It may not really be the case, but the information that is recorded is so detailed and includes so many categories it can barely be read. It is scary to think that someones life could be recorded in that much detail. I am sure there are plenty of things information like that can be used for and many ways it can be used to target an individual. Hell, Amazon already knows what you're going to buy before you do. So much information could be marketed and place you in the targets of many different businesses. As for me and what i think about it, well, it's certainly is interesting, but anyone with enough time and patience to look through that much data needs to find a hobby. I think that privacy is important, but when it comes down to it, what can i do about the intrusion of my privacy really? I am a tiny individual in a huge system. It continues whether i fight it or not.