5 Mobile Apps for the Classroom

Kindergarten to Grade 12, technology is changing the landscape

VoiceThread: Students can post videos, drawings, images and audio. For students that may have trouble with writing; speaking in a non formal setting allows them to better communicate their points. In a Grade 12 Social Studies class students can act as a radio reporter and deliver the news on current event issues.

Animation Creator HD: Great for all grades, students are able to create their own situations using animations. They can use this app to create the setting and characters for a certain situation or story. Students have a ton of creative freedom and control with this app. In a Grade 7 Language Arts class students can add in animation to a series of short stories they have wrote. Another option, student taking part in a novel study can create animations for various parts of the story.

Word Mover: Word mover makes poetry fun again! Word mover provides students of various ages the ability to create poetry by finding and choosing word banks. Users choose new word in combination with existing pieces of famous work in their creation of new poetry. For students that struggle with poetry this is a great app, helps bring fun into the lesson and explores creative avenues. In a Grade 6 Language Arts class, students can build confidence and literacy as they challenge there vocabulary prowess and discover the joy in creating poetry.

Animoto: Already hugely popular Animoto is a video creation service that allows students to upload videos, pictures, audio, music and images into a high quality presentation. Animoto allows students to make short trailers and taps into the creative and technological side of students. For a Grade 9 Science project, students create a trailer about a chemical element studied. In the video they highlight the many features of the element and the practice uses of it in society today.

Google Maps: Google maps allow students to see literally all parts of the world. View 360-degree panoramas of places around the globe with Street View; View high resolution satellite imagery of locations, landscapes and famous landmarks all around the world. In a social studies class Google Map can be utilized in many different ways. During current events in my Grade 8 Social Studies class I can use Maps to bring the location of interest to life. Displaying images and videos of the places talked about in class students can track and identify different parts of the world, building recognition and overall understanding.  

Google Maps, Animoto, Word Mover, Voice Thread, Animation Creator HD

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