IB Theatre Journal #2


September 25, 2013

The History of
Balinese Shadow Puppetry
Project Poster

This week in theatre class we had to research different topics for the ancient art of Balinese Shadow Puppetry. The topics were option such as, music and accompaniment, how the set is designed, what the stories were and what they meant, the general history of Balinese Shadow puppetry and many more. The reason behind doing this research was to study and gain a more in depth look at the art.

Who was in your group and what was your research topic?

My group consisted of Rob and Noah. We received the topic of, "The History of Balinese Shadow Puppetry". I was happy to have this as a topic because it was a less focused topic and allowed for room to explore other areas of the art. Rob and I did most of the researching and found a lot of the details that went on our poster. I was aware at all times of the content that was going to be put on the poster to be sure that it was suitable to both our topic and many of the other topics that were given out to other groups.

After the researching we printed out pictures that would fully represent our topic and Balinese Shadow Puppetry. I found a great image of a traditional coconut oil lamp that was used to project the images of the puppets. All the images were printed in black and white (mainly because the printer at school doesn't print color). I think that this added to the overall appeal of the poster because it made it look orderly and organized. My favorite image on the poster was probably the tree of life because of all the detail you see represented in the image.

How did the group work together overall?

My group overall had a good presentation however, I do not think we worked as efficiently as we could have. At times during this assignment, I felt as though I was the only one who cared about how the project would turn out. Although the project as a whole did not go as planned I love the design of the poster and I am still happy with the outcome.

How could your group have improved?

If I were to do this project again, I would probably have changed a few things. First off, I would have had the group set designated jobs for each of us to complete. For example, I research the information for the poster and write everything out. Noah finds pictures which fit well with our topic, prints them out and puts them on the poster in order of the information it goes with. Rob constructs the poster by gathering materials (poster, extra paper, markers, ect).

What trait(s)did you fall under in IB learner profile?

I believe that I was a communicator. I think I was a communicator because although it was difficult at times to get my group motivated and working, I was able to communicate the tasks that needed to be done for our poster to be completed.

Our group showed the class this video to demonstrate the main aspects of Balinese Shadow Puppetry.