A Career as a Firemen

Career Goal Firefighter

Career Overview

Firefighters are people who put out fires and save lives and rescue people who are in danger or need help.

The Main Goal of a firemen is to either fight fires or rescue people who need help, Firefighters can be either a Volunteer or Full time, Full time Firemen live at the Firehouse and typically they work about 40 hours per week. Volunteers are stand buy firemen that do the work because they are brave and save lives for nothing. They are either in a small town or a bigger city that only want to work part time. There are Firemen all over the U.S. some could be Volunteers in small towns or they could be in big cities and work Full time.

Firefighters are the biggest populated job in America because with out them how would we be able to control fires or save lives? We need firemen to do the job that they do because they are the biggest part of the world. Some of them do it for free there is no pay for that, Maybe they have benefits for it but they are not doing it for them selves they are doing it because they want to be People that care about everyone.

Career skills and Interests  

Firemen do a lot with the areas that they are in, They hold events and activities that are held in town or they help out in other places. Sometimes they will get called out on calls that are not even in there area, It is not because they have to it is because other fire departments are friends and family they work together and that's how  respect meets a firefighters main goal. They help everyone it don't matter what time of day, it don't depend on the weather when ever that bell goes off they will be there.

Career Working Conditions  

They have to be accurate with there work and get along with others, They need to have a strong communication so that they can talk to victims and help out when they need to. A fire call can happen at anytime It don't matter when. The weather is not a factor. It could be really hot out or really cold it don' matter firefighters will respond to all types of calls. Fire and Rescue, Search and Recovery, Water patrols, Car accidents, Etc. They work about 40 hours per week if living at a fire house and are working full time. While Volunteers stand by and help out in smaller towns and counties. They typically need a full time job because  they do not live at the fire house, They stay active with the department with meetings and discussions and monthly training to keep them ready for the next call.

  Career wages and Outlooks

Firefighters that are either full time or Volunteer but full time Firefighters get paid by the government or there chief. Volunteers get good benefits and  sometimes they get paid by the State. Full time Fire departments get paid about 24,500 A year, It may not be much but they are doing things that they like.

Career  Related Occupations

They are Firefighters,

Parts of the Job include Rescue, Car Accidents, House Fires, Grass Calls and more, There are two types of firefighters  Forest fire and Regular City Firefighters. Forest Firemen get paid better and there hours are longer.

Program Overview

They have fire courses were you can take the testing that you need to have in order to be on the fire department and there is also training that you need to do in order to do the job safely. There are schools that will help the students who want to be in this type of occupation. The Military also offers offers Air force firefighters that Put out plane fires and rescue procedures.

  Program Admission

In a fire department you need to have a good high school GED and you have to take certain types of classes. Examples, Science, Speech, Math and More,

These are important wile a firemen needs to know science for back draft reasons, Speech needs to be able to understand the victims that you are helping, Math for water pressure and truck equipment.

College Support

  There are Many colleges in this Job. The Biggest College that I would talk about is Albany Georgia Technical College they offer many courses and of course fire and rescue types of career, There are many things that you could do in order to get into a School of fire but you need to know what you want to do, Fighting fires is not for everyone, There are factors like small places, Heights, Weather, Weight, Dead and Alive situations and More,

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