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The Great Lakes began to form at the end of the last glacial period around 10,000 years ago, as retreating ice sheets carved basins into the land and they became filled with meltwater. lakes have been a major highway for transportation, migration and trade, and they are home to a large number of aquatic species. Many invasive species have been introduced due to trade, and some threaten the region's biodiversity.

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Great Lake St. Lawrence Lowland has a rolling landscape, meaning that there
are many small hills or slopes. The land is not flat or plain. The rolling
landscape had been created mainly by glaciation.


There is a variety of vegetation in Great Lake St. Lawrence Lowland. Thesoil is very fertile, thus allowing many things to be grown. Many trees
(both deciduous and conifer), such as walnut, maple, hemlock and oak
can be grown in this area. As well as this, tobacco plants, peaches,
cherries, grapes, apples, hay and many vegetables, such as carrots
and beans are found here.


Great Lake St. Lawrence Lowland's climate is a humid, continental climate, meaningthat it is a dry climate with very cold winters and very hot summers. During
the summer, the Great Lakes tend to lower the temperature. The Great Lakes
also raise the temperature in the surrounding areas in winter by storing heat.


The Great Lake St. Lawrence Lowland region has rich, fertile soil for agriculture which
makes it the second largest farming area in Canada. There are many resources
in this region, such as zinc, lead, cattle and grain. Also, clay can be found which
can then assist in brick and tile manufacturing. Though all these natural resources,
their number one resource is water.

Important Cities

Toronto and Montreal are the two major cities in this area. Toronto is a very multi-cultural, fast-paced city. There are many ravines, rivers and valleys as well as there being an abundance of
buildings, such as corporate buildings and shopping centers. Montreal is also a very multi-cultural city
as it has over 80 ethnic communities. After Paris, Montreal is the second largest French speaking
city in the world. As well as that, Montreal has 18th and 19th century grey stone buildings, therefore
binding the old with the new.

Recreation, Tourists Atraction

There is a variety of activies to be done that the whole family will enjoy. Activities such asswimming, hockey, lacrosse, badminton, soccer and many other sports. Also available is
fishing and boating. A popular attraction that cannot be left unseen is the Niagara Falls in Ottawa. It is
most known for its breathtaking scenery. The second most popular tourist attraction is the
Parliament Hill in Ottawa due to its grand building and archver. The third most visited attraction
is the CN Tower in Toronto. It is the world's highest free-standing tower. As well as this, people
might be influenced to visit this region because of not only the many tourist attractions, but also the
mild temperatures and it has a long growing season, therefore being a great place to grow fruits and

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