By Veronica Roth

What happened after Dauntless was taken over by mind control? Will Tris be able to live with the guilt of knowing that she murdered her good friend, Will? Where will Tris and Tobias go to be safe? In Insurgent Erudite has taken over almost all the factions with mind control devices and intend to control the people forever. Only the Divergent can stop them because the mind control doesn't work on them. But the Erudite find a way to make some of the Divergent turn themselves in so Jeanine, the head of the Erudite, can try to experiment on them to see what works. Tris breaks a promise to Tobias and turns herself in and then Tobias tries to break her out of the Erudite compound. The main theme of this book is that there are many different sides to people, many people switch sides in the "war" between Erudite and the real Dauntless.

What did you enjoy about the book?

I enjoyed the suspense in this book. Tris didn't really have her head on straight for the majority of this book, so it was interesting to read about what was going through her head the entire time. I also enjoyed the action in this book. There was a lot of action scenes where there would be shootings or Erudite would break into the Candor compound and throw grenades that would gas everyone to give them a serum. The romance was something that kept my attention as well. Tris and Tobias didn't get along very well for a while and had some disagreements but eventually made up in the end.

If the book was well written, what made it that way?

In my opinion the book was very well written. It was written from a 16-year-old girl's point of view and I really connected with that and it helped me to enjoy the book much more. The way it was written I could tell that Tris was going through a really hard time in her life. Both her parents had been killed, her brother betrayed her, she thinks that Tobias is lying to her, she just killed one of her very good friends, and she just wants to protect as many people as she can and the author portrayed this very well.

What characters played a role to the overall theme?

Tris plays a role to the overall theme. For the first part of the book she turns into this adrenaline junkie and tries to get herself killed a lot. But then she doesn't want to die but she keeps getting herself into situations in which she might. Caleb is another character that plays into the overall theme. He acts like he is on Tris's side and makes it seem like he is going back to Abnegation when in reality he is working for Erudite the whole time and almost kills his own sister.

Would you recommend this book?

Yes! I would recommend this book to anyone who liked "The Hunger Games" trilogy, the "Harry Potter" series, or the "Percy Jackson" series because it is similar. It is intense at times so parents may or may not want to let their younger children read it.

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