Keep Up the Pace

When most people are told to run
They sigh with misery

They want to do something "fun"

Anything is more exciting than running

They plod around aimlessly
Dragging their feet
They chat as they jog by
Wishing they could be finished for the day

They see it as another chore
Lackluster, repetitive, uninteresting
A waste of time

Running might seem this way to others
But not to me
I feel like anythings possible when I run

My feelings as I run are nearly the opposite
When I run it makes me feel alive

When I run everything becomes clearer
I can think about what's going through my head
I lose myself as I stride
Everyday I look forward to running at practice
Waiting for calming focus that it will wash over me

As I run
It becomes a race against myself
Always striving to achieve a quicker time
Try to better the goals I've set

I test my own skills
And don't have to worry about what others do

No one sets expectations for me to have to meet
I judge how I think I did in a race
I determine how fast I'll run
Nobody tells me what improve
I get to figure out my own weak points
Then figure out
How to make them stronger

And at the end of the day
Even though I'm tired from my workout
And I'll be sore tomorrow
I love the feeling
Knowing that I'll be better next time
For practicing today

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