The Blue Ridge Mountains

Margaret Elise Wendelburg
Kathryn Sanders

The Blue Ridge Mountains in North Georgia are among the prettiest locations on Earth.  There are beautiful trails that are great for hiking year-round, and wonderful slopes to ski on in the winter. Having a fairly temperate climate all year round, visitors and locals alike will experience all four of Georgia's seasons.  Whether you are just visiting, or here to stay, the Blue Ridge Mountain Region is the place to be!

Dahlonega's Gold Mines are a popular place to visit in the Blue Ridge Region.  This region used to be perfect for mining businesses, being the place of the United States' first gold rush in 1828.  Because of the little amounts of gold harvested and the dangers of mining, the industry has fallen apart.  The mines are now part of the tourist industry. With the interest of its gold mine, the town of Dahlonega is thriving. The Dahlonega Gold Mine offers daily tours of the inside of the mining caverns.  Once finished with the awesome tour, you have the option of panning for gold! Visitors also can mine rocks and do a rock tumbler with the rocks they have found!

This could be your view!

Another great industry in the Blue Ridge Mountains is real estate.  Because of the beauty, rental cabins do really great here. Tourists come from all over the world to take a beautiful hike up to the tip of Brasstown Bald for a view of a lifetime!

Family hikes are always the best!

One of our favorite hikes to do as a family is Hiking to the top of Amicalola Falls. The walk is not difficult, and the view at the top is so breathtaking! Amicalola is even a state park, so there are rangers everywhere to help you discover its beauty.  Some more great hikes include Wildcat and Meadow Valley.  Another really neat way to experience the beauty of the mountains is to travel on horseback. Many one hour, two hour, half day, and full day trips are offered throughout the day.

*Picture of horseback riding below was taken in the Grand Tetons. NOT Blue Ridge. :)

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