Cyber Security Field Trip:
Anil Pattni's Lecture

By: Robbin Lee

Anil Pattni was our last lecturer of our evening on the field trip. His was very peculiar that attracted many students to ask him questions after the lecture. He talked about hackers and the types of vulnerability and potential breaches in our digitalized life. His lecture approach was very different though, he showed an entertaining TED video which was both visually and verbally thorough in his explanation of the complex labyrinth of the hacking wold.

The first and second thing that Anil taught us was in the TED video. In the video, the speaker himself is a professional hacker that works to catch hackers that uses hacking for malicious purposes and tries to create ways to defend from a hacking attack. In the video that Anil shows us, the speaker talks about what can the hacker do if he/she gains access into your computer, such as activating our webcam, opening applications, or plant a virus. This video really opened our eyes of how the smallest detail we real eased onto the web can breach us and rid the notion of security behind a screen.

The last thing Anil taught us is the good and the bad of hacking and security breaches. Because of previous cyber breaches, we become educated on how to counter-attack the cyber attacks that the hackers laid against us. We also learned that sometimes the hackers don't really have a motive, they just do what they do.

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