My Book Response on The Never Ending Story!

By: Caitlin

This is the cover of the book.

Atreyu lost his memories of his great quest as he walked through the magic mirror gate. As he walked through he heard a voice. It was Uyulala. The voice of silence. After he sang in poetry with Uyulala (for that was the only way they could communicate) Atreyu found that the only way to save the empress in the story was to get a human to give her a new name.  He soon became so tired from singing in poetry that he dozed off. He woke up remembering his great quest and the cure for the ill empress.

Atreyu is the boy and Falcor is the white luckdragon.

Atreyu came back with what he learned and went to Falcor. Atreyu saw that the sphinx gate he went through before was nothing but two columns and a collapsed arch. Atreyu thought he had been gone for a day. But then Falcor told him that he had been gone for a while. Engywook, his friend, said that the sphinxes just disappeared. Atreyu was the last one to speak with Uyulala. That's what she told him. Now Atreyu has to go passed the borders of Fantasia  to find a human. And Atreyu was set off on his way.

This is AURYN

When I first read that Atreyu lost his memories, I wondered if he would get his memory back and continue on his quest. He did. I also wonder what happens to the characters in the book when they say that it is a whole different story that shall be told another time. I found an "aha moment" when Atreyu found out that the only way to help the empress was to get a human to give her a new name. I also found an "again and again" when Atreyu was using AURYN throughout the whole story before this response. Another one is when he kept mentioning the great quest over and over again.

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