Josef mengele

born: 3/16/1911

died: 2/7/1979

birthplace: Bayern germany

background information

Josef mengele was the chief doctor at the concentration camp, Auschwitz during world war 2. He was know as the angel of death. Dr. Mengele was born into a wealthy family with a strict catholic upbringing. he majored in philosophy in Munich, where he encountered the racial ideology of Alfred Rosenberg. in 1931 at age 20 he joined the stahlhelm (steel helmet), the the SA in 1933 and applied for party membership.

he later studied medicine at the university of Frankfurt, after which he joined the institute for hereditary biology and racial hygiene in 1934. it was here that he developed his studies in physical anthology and genetics.

What he did

During the war Josef Mengele would go to concentration camps and do Nazi human experimentations on the Jews. also would experiment on Romanians, sinti, ethnic poles , soviet pows and disabled non-Jewish Germans in the early 1940s. Prisoners were forced into participating in the experiments, they did not go willingly. The experiments resulted n death, disfigurement or permanent disability. This is referred as medical tourcher.

How it was resolved

When the Americans and Russians began liberating concentration camps, Dr. Mengele left Auschwitz and fled to Argentina, hoping to hide from the Americans and Russians. He succeeded. Years later reported of Dr. Mengele's body was found in enbu, near sao Paulo. although they have reports, this could be a hoax put on my Dr. Mengele or  his allies. We are not certain of this information, but we do know that when Dr. Mengele was in Argentina, the twin birth rate increased significantly. So on that note, e think Dr. Mengele continued his experiments and research un Argentina.

Sub topic #1

in may 1943 Mengele entered Auschwitz as an educated, experimented medical researcher. with funding his experiments he worked along side some of the top medial researchers of the time. anxious to make a name for himself Mengele searched for the secrets of heredity. the Nazi ideal of the future would benefit from the help of genetics, Mengele wanted the twins to be the perfect Aryan race: blonde hair and blue eyes. the first successful twins where Judith and lia, sisters taken away from the families and tested on by Dr. Mengele. these twins where treated differently then all the other twins. they got to keep there clothes, the received more food than others, and they also got to keep there hair. Dr. Mengele is showing favoritism to his favorite research projects.

Sub topic #2

there's not much information about Josef's family as was suspected since they would probably want to hide this information. Dr. Mengele was married twice and has one son a father a mother and two brothers. information on these members was not provided.


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