Trip to Saturn

Will you go to saturn with me?


This is about Saturn's atmosphere and what you will need to take for a trip to Saturn. Beyond the hazy sky looms the ringed planet Saturn. The rain on Saturn only comes every thousand years, in torrents of liquid methane. The temperature is 290 degrees below zero Fahrenheit so you need a thermal suit. The dense atmosphere is filled with hydrocarbon smog, like L.A. on a bad day. And because you are in space you will need oxygen and food to eat. Saturn has cloud bands in its atmosphere, but they’re pale orange and faded. This orange color is because Saturn has more sulfur in its atmosphere. In addition to the sulfur in Saturn’s upper atmosphere, there are also quantities of nitrogen and oxygen. Saturn is a gas planet so you will need a jetpack to travel. Saturn has one of the fastest winds in the Solar System. Also it is made mostly of hydrogen, with some helium and smaller amounts of methane, ammonia, and other gases. Scientists think that small amounts of water vapor and hydrogen sulfide are probably found at lower levels of the atmosphere. About 73 to 80 percent hydrogen by mass, with all but about 2 percent of the rest being helium. Saturn's strongest winds blow eastward in a band over the equator from 20° N. to 20° S. Maximum wind speeds in this band reach nearly 1,100 miles per hour. That is what you will need to know about Saturn and its atmosphere for your trip.

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