(Catholic Social Teaching)

By Nick A.

                                                           Four Principal Teachings

Personhood- Dignity as being created by God that are unique

Ex. respecting people and helping because you want to

Common Good- Just, distribution of good based on respect for a person

Ex. Volunteering at a soup kitchen

Solidarity- Friendship, Charity, belonging to one another

Ex. Giving to a charity

Subsidiarity- Those most affected by a decision should be the ones who make it

Ex. Bonus given to few people, people choose who gets it

                                                                 St. Martin of Tours

St. Martin was the son of a roman officer. One very cold winter day Martin saw a naked homeless man and gave him half his cloak.

He justifies social justice because he took shame away form the homeless man.

                                                                      3 Ways

1) Give clothes to the naked.

2) Join office for immigrants campaign

3) Provide resources and support for individuals and parishes

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