The History

      Did you know that during World War 2, aerosol cans were developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to better distribute insect spray among soldiers and protect them from Malaria? Then later on after the war, the beauty industry caught on to the potential of aerosol cans. The first to package a sticky, hard, resin-based spray was Chase Products in 1948.

It Helps Us

      Hairspray helps our society by taming our frizzy and untamed hair. When you have an important day planed, and then you want your hair to look sleek and nice you use hairspray.  

Cons On Harspray

   Some hairsprays contain harmful chemicals to the lungs, thats why you don't use so much hairspray. Hairspray makes your hair crunchy and a little sticky.

Hairspray Can Be Better

   Hairspray should be made without so much chemicals, it should have natural ingredients that's healthy for your hair. The should make the product not as sticky and messy.