Homefront Tackk

Collin 14
Indiana North
1864 June 6
LeBron James Brother

Eat, work on the farm, pick food, feed animals

Dear Brother,
How are you doing, I hope you are safe and I wish you luck on your next battles. I hope I will get to see you soon. Where are you? I could come visit you.  
                                              From- Collin

Helped cover up wounds, Gave them food, Brought them new weapons.

My loved one wrote back finally. He is in gettysburg. He is alive so thats good. He said its very scary. I hope he gets back soon.

Lincon should free all of the slaves and keep us free. Lincon is a good president. Lincon doesnt want slavery too spread beyond the south. He made the emancapation proclamation. He wanted mostly to keep us balanced

Lincon was assasanated by John booth. It was a mean thing to do because Lincon was doing good as a president. He was put in jail for a long time.

It was a sad thing that happend, we are going to have a new president. Everyone was in shock because this doesnt happen often its a bad day.

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