Stress In Students

-  A campaign that exactly explained what we felt!

The information campaign on stress was one of the most difficult tasks in the first year of psychology. Stress was one of the topics that we did in health psychology and we as students thought it was of grave importance. Stress is among the most prevalent global issue that one deals with. As an IB student the platform completely raises this causes one to panic if there’s no proper management. Even though we had a tough time we managed to pull it out well. We tried to segregate our responsibilities and that helped us to work collaboratively.

My task was to create a feedback form for the campaign. One of most interesting tasks that we did in the project organisation was the qualitative assessment of the survey answers. The tricky element in this was keeping the questionnaire simple as well as a purposeful substance to measure what it is supposed to.

In my opinion it was one of the tasks that gave me extensive knowledge about the population and their ways to deal with a stress. After collection of data and a selective assessment I learned about people’s way of dealing with things. For example for majority music was their escape to stress while some it was playing football or sleeping. Presenting our topic was also one of the laborious tasks that we had to do apart from the informative poster and content analysis. The aspect that I had to present was effect and ways to deal with stress. I looked up on ideas and learned a new skill of guided mediation. This enabled me to not only learn but also apply it thus contributing to the society.

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