By: Logan Hudson, Tony Bonomi, and Caroline Ferguson

                                        Welcome to the beautiful Piedmont region.


There are many things in Piedmont that attracts tourists such as The Coca Cola Museum, The worlds largest Aquarium, Six Flags over Georgia, and Stone Mountain, the largest piece of exposed granite in the world. Georgia's beautiful warm weather makes the roller coasters more exhilarating and the coca cola more refreshing than ever. The temperature ranges from 75- 85 degrees which isn't too cold or too warm. Come to the piedmont region to experience fun that will last a lifetime.


There are a few beautiful physical features within the piedmont region. One of our most gorgeous physical features is the Chattahoochee river. The Chattahoochee river is  the perfect place for recreational activities such as, kayaking, swimming, and boating. It is also great for businesses investing in hydroelectricity. The rivers may also provide some of the piedmonts drinking water. The Savannah river provides shipping through out all of GA's regions.


The piedmont region is located in the middle of Georgia between the fall line and the Blue Ridge Mountains. the Piedmont region has easy access to all of Georgia and all of the world. Home to the busiest airport in the world, the piedmont region is bustling with successful businesses. many successful businesses have started here in the piedmont region including Home Depot, Delta Airlines, Moe's, and the delicious Chic-fil-a. All of Georgia's transportation systems run through this region so its brings in many people and many soon to be successful businesses.  

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